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Sultan Education Academy (SEA) is a local institute striving to serve Canadian diversity by teaching Arabic language & literature to both Arabs and non-Arabs alike.

SEA was began initially from the growing demand of Canadians with Asian or African backgrounds, desiring a simplified and structured program in Arabic because they felt isolated from the Arabic language and their spiritual heritage. It also serves Canadian from other backgrounds who are interested in learning Arabic for travel, business, or other reasons.

SEA was initiated by Mr. Sultan Kaddoura, a native Calgarian of Lebanese origin who lived in the United States for over fifteen years, learning, teaching, and researching aspects of the Arabic language, the Islamic religion and the western culture.

Sultan’s desire to establish his Academy stems from childhood. He noticed many teachers in the weekend community schools were either dedicated volunteers without credible qualifications or highly qualified teachers from overseas who unfortunately had a language barrier. As a result, SEA was born, bridging the gap between quality instruction and effective comprehension.


Sultan received his Post Secondary education from Ahlus-Sunnah Institute of Philadelphia where he completed four years of study under field masters. He received training in Arabic language fundamentals, Islamic theology, history, social work, and pedagogical techniques.  As a result, he was certified and given an authorization to teach Arabic and provide counseling services.  In addition, Mr. Kaddoura further studied at the University of Pennsylvania researching the subject of traditional versus extreme interpretations of Islam.

Sultan received awards for serving as an Assistant Chaplain in both Pennsylvania and Arizona State and Federal Correctional and Rehabilitation facilities from 1997-2003; providing education and counseling to inmates, and library literature to the Chaplains Department.  Sultan also taught at The Islamic Education School of Philadelphia, where he quickly discovered his passion to instill positivity and self-confidence into young children.  In 2004, Sultan established a school still operating today under his supervision in Chandler, Arizona.  He also founded the ‘Qureshi Arabic Excel’, a five-level comprehensive curriculum in Arabic, and ‘Saka’, a Martial Arts form based on the Arabic Alphabet.

Sultan has also written on current affairs for Arizona’s largest multicultural newspaper ‘Pak-West.’  He believes Arabs and especially Muslims today need to take more active roles in our greater North American society.

Though some classes at Sultan Education Academy (SEA) are reflective of Islamic values, our doors have always been open to all members of the community, regardless of religious views.







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