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"I am not new to Arabic but I am new to Sultan Education, I previously took the intro to Arabic at University as an elective but found myself still unable to communicate, read or write in Arabic. After being married to an Arab for years, I thought now is the time to learn (before starting a family). I did my research for Arabic classes in the Calgary area, and Sultan’s had the best reviews, and is in a prime location. I was nervous about starting a class that was already 2 months in, but Sultan assured me he could get me caught up in a few weeks, and he did, I was reading and pronouncing words within a few weeks! I learned the alphabet in a matter of days! Only 2 months into the course and I know more Arabic than I learned in the entire year course I took in University. Sultan has a strong approach to mastering the fundamentals and then building on them each week. Also, his rule to having small classes makes it more beneficial as you get to work together in a small group and at your own pace, not to mention the great friends you make!

I would recommend Sutlan’s class to anyone who wants to learn the Arabic language for work or just for fun as Arabic is one of the oldest and most widely spoken languages in the world!"

- Amber Alrifai

_____________________ “Prior to taking Arabic lessons through Sultan Education, I had already become familiar with basic Arabic through other courses offered in Calgary. I was apprehensive about starting from scratch once again, but was not sure if any other options were available. Sultan assessed my skills and then went out of his way to catch me up to the current beginner class that was already 6 months ahead, in a matter of weeks. His method is so effective that I had learned how to conjugate verbs in less than two weeks, and was absorbing vocabulary with minimal effort. I can definitely say that this academy will give you the most comprehensive courses offered in the city, that are professional, practical, results-driven and FUN. If you desire to learn how to read, write and speak Arabic, SEA is the best way to achieve your goal!”

– Jacqueline Nahirney

“If you are planning on travel to the Middle East and need a preparatory Arabic language course – this is it! All fundamentals are taught and then built upon. Highly recommended!”

– Darnell Bass




“There are many who claim to teach Arabic however, few programs actually have the phonetic and organized educational system of teaching Arabic. SEA is definitely one of the few successful programs available out there. For anyone remotely interested in learning Arabic with no previous knowledge of it, Sultan Education Academy provides an easy to follow methodical system that will get you up and running (speaking) in a matter of a few months. If you are truly committed to learning the language, this program will absolutely help you to learn Arabic, guaranteed! This program is also beneficial for any Arabic speaking person who wishes to advance their reading and writing skills in the Arabic language.”

- Nada Adams

“Sultan Education is the place to be. Sultan teaches you Arabic from a Canadian perspective; how to pick up the language and go. You are learning the language from scratch, not just phrases. Perfect school for beginners or advanced.”

– Jay Bakir


“Sultan's approach to learning Arabic is based on building a strong solid foundation for continued growth and improvement. I have found the program to be challenging yet not daunting. In addition, the people you learn with become a new set of friends.”

-May Duffield










"Prior to starting with Sultan Education Academy I could only read Arabic, without any comprehension of the language. In just a matter of weeks I was able to pick up this new language by conjugating and writing verbs. At the end of 6 months, I was able to grasp the language at a whole new level and can now understand and speak basic Arabic.  SEA has a methodical schooling system wherein you master the fundamentals while slowly building on newly learned concepts. The small class size makes learning personable and allows you to move at a reasonable pace.

Sultan is an enthusiastic teacher who is passionate about teaching the Arabic language. He is dedicated to his students and will go out of his way to ensure that no one falls behind, even if they miss a class. I would highly recommend SEA to anyone who wants to learn how to read, write, or speak Arabic in a fun atmosphere!"

- Madiha Vaid










"I found this school to be the best for learning Arabic in Calgary.  I have had trouble learning languages in the past however I found learning Arabic at Sultan Education was very easy due to the clear and methodical teaching practices that are used there.  I would highly recommend this school to others that are looking to learn Arabic. Thanks"

- Craig Litwintschik












"I have been attempting to progress in Arabic for many years, studying  with a number of reputable institutions in London, UK. Sultan Education Academy could rival the best of them!

Within a few months of attending classes, SEA has allowed me to advance further than I have in years. This is as Sultan breaks down challenging concepts, not only making them easier to comprehend, but allowing enough practice till they become second-nature. This occurs within a comfortable environment which builds your confidence with the language, accommodating people from all walks of life and all levels of learning.

Sultan's passion for the language is contagious and inspires you to propel your studies further.  I always enjoy the classes and recommend SEA to anyone interested in learning Arabic or improving their proficiency.”

- Hannah Syed











"When you first begin with Sultan, it becomes quickly apparent that he has a passion for teaching Arabic. He wants you to succeed and enjoy the environment over anything. Coming from a very erratic schedule, Sultan has made every attempt to accommodate my situation, keeping me on track. Lessons are well structured and easy to follow, but above all else, Sultan's enthusiasm makes the biggest difference when engaging in his class."

- CD


"I began my beginner's Arabic class not knowing a single word in Arabic but having a keen interest in the culture and language, and hoped to use Arabic at work and when travelling. From Day 1, I've been impressed with how approachable Sultan makes this language that used to seem intimidating. Sultan has set up this course in such a way that you start with core building blocks (reading the alphabet, then basic verbs, conjugating those verbs) and building upon those every week. Two months in, I am now able to ask questions, form sentences, read, write and comprehend Arabic! I also appreciate the camaraderie in the classroom with the small class sizes - I really enjoy the time spent with Sultan and my fellow classmates. I believe learning Arabic in this setting is the best way, as there is motivation to put in time outside of the class in memorization and practice; and you have new friends to practice with that are at your same level. I highly recommend Sultan and the SEA and look forward to the rest of my learning experience there."

- Michelle Elford












Sultan is a friendly, easy to understand, and accommodating Arabic teacher.

I approached Sultan merely two months before heading to the Middle East for work. Within that short time he was able to cover a lot of ground, teaching me the basics of Arabic. Sultan makes the learning process clear and simple as he uses plain language to explain grammatical concepts and makes learning Arabic accessible to the average Canadian. I found that he was able to adapt to the pace at which I wanted to learn. His classes take place in a comfortable environment, and Sultan himself is very friendly. I would recommend Sultan Education Academy to anyone who would like to learn Arabic, no matter how much or little language learning experience you have.

- Nicholas P.











"After having studied 5 other languages with multiple second language teachers, I can confidently say that Sultan is gifted in language teaching. He simplifies what many see as a complex language, in order for new concepts to be grasped after every single class. He taught me to read Arabic script in only a few hours. A feat that a prior Arabic teacher was unable to do in 3 months. I highly recommend Sultan's classes to anyone considering traveling to the Middle East, or who simply wants to invest in learning about a beautifully rich culture."

- Kristin S.




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