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Sultan Education Academy offers a comprehensive and fun Islamic program for children and youth, aimed at sharing a love for Islam and the Prophet, introducing Islamic concepts and knowledge, and promoting a strong Muslim self. Our program focuses on introducing the student to, and/or strengthening the areas of: Arabic language (correct pronunciation, vocabulary, writing and calligraphy), Quranic recitation, and Islamic knowledge, through the use of educational materials, games, and student interaction.

The youth Islamic program is taught in small class settings. All classes are taught at Sultan Education Academy located at #201, 1440 -17th Ave SW, Calgary, Alberta. The youth program is intended for students who are 5 to 15 years old.

Classes are two, 2-hour classes each week, on Saturdays, Sundays, and Wednesdays, Classes are currently underway and registration is ongoing. Please call for more information.


Each class is composed of:

1.      Quranic Recitation

A large majority of our time is consumed with Quranic recitation. The Quran is read by the teacher and the students follow by repeating after him. The teacher will gradually point out the rules pertaining to the art of Tajweed and to words that are sometimes misread; in an effort to prevent such mistakes. Quranic recitation is usually conducted as a group, but can also be conducted individually. Beginning a memorization program is optional yet strongly recommended

2.      Arabic Calligraphy

We focus mainly on the handwriting style presented in the holy Quran (Uthmaniyy script). Consistent practice is essential to competency in this art. Ahsanul-qawa^id a Quranic reading booklet serves as an excellent introduction.

3.      Arabic Language

Classical (Fus-ha) Arabic is taught at a beginner level, with an emphasis on reading, writing, comprehension, and speaking

4.      Pronunciation Drills

This is will help the students pronounce the Arabic letters in the proper oral exits according to the Arabic language.

5.      Islamic Education

Our program is complete with five levels covering the obligatory Islamic knowledge starting with the matters of Iman (belief) and continuing on to Islamic practices of worship, (prayers, Zakah, Hajj, and fasting). Islamic ethics and etiquette are also covered. The chosen books have been certified by Al-Azhar Islamic University and reflect the traditional Islamic teaching.

6.      Educational Games

The objective of these games is to engage the students and inspire in them a profound love for learning. Our favorite game is Al-Jawaab, an Islamic quiz game.

7.      Rhythm and Song (Madih)

Undoubtedly, rhythm and song facilitate learning and this is certainly true when it comes to the religion, therefore we sing Islamic songs in the hope that the students readily grasp the knowledge and are filled with love and attachment to the religion.

8.      Educational Plays

The plays are very simple, yet entertaining and relevant. Our goal is to display the difficult situations Muslim youth may encounter and how to constructively cope with such challenges. This is especially needed in the society we live in.

9.      Islamic Vocabulary

We have searched for the Arabic words richest in the meaning and incorporated them into our studies. These words serve as positive motivators and character enhancers. They guide the students to honorable traits such as Al-ikhlas (sincerity), As-Sabr (patience), and As-Sidq (honesty).

Small Group Classes
Start Date: Intake is on-going

Date: Saturday, Sunday, and/or Wednesday
Time: 12:00 – 2:00 pm and/or 2:00 – 4:00 pm (Weekend);
3:45 – 4:45 pm (Wednesdays)
Cost: $100 per month



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